Hey! I'm Chelsea

Published Photographer and Designer.

Home Grown Floridian, Nerd and Creative

To be honest, my bio changes quite a bit. I'm constantly growing as a person and with life comes new experiences that help shape the person I am. I started The Bokeh Lens as a way to share my photography with the world while I worked on finishing my degree in information systems. I have been creating websites way back when Yahoo had GeoCities (cringe a little on the inside for me).

As my photography business grew and I worked on more designs I decided to add web designs to my business. That's where She Designs Things comes in. I have no plans to stop creating! Be sure to check out my YouTube channel, where I give simple tutorials on web designs, graphic designs, and google site hacks.

Six Random Facts about me

1. I have a total of 11 siblings.

2. I once wrote to the state attorney's office about an incident wasn't properly investigated - which prompted the attorney to call me and tell me to go to law school and intern for her (I still very much plan).

3. I received HORRIBLE grades in high school (stability is a thing people).

4. I got my drivers license at 26 (so be fair - if you don't have a car then how are you going to learn to drive???)

5. I built a gaming PC just to play Borderlands 3.

6. I have a (semi) photographic memory 🙃.

"Enjoy the little things."