May 21, 2022

Top 5 Tips for New Photographers

1 min read

1. Less is more: It's easy to follow Instagram photographers and want to try a ton of stuff, but it doesn't mean you have to try everything. You don't have to do the most all the time.

2. Save money where you can: I make google sites into client galleries instead of paying for a host. Here's an example gallery from my client's graduation photoshoot.

3. You don't need corrective criticism: I see this a ton in groups and sometimes even when you haven't asked for it. The bottom line is photography is subjective. It is an art form - as artists, we're never happy.

4. Stop copying everyone's style: I see a ton of wedding photographers whose images are great - the problem is they all look EXACTLY alike. Find your style. You don't have to slap a preset on everything. I personally don't do that and because of this, I have a better relationship with my cameras and edits.

5. Understand that you are not the best: And you never ever will be. Photographers are notorious for having major egos. Especially sports and wedding photographers. Here's the deal - if you think you're the best, then you'll stop learning. If you stop learning then you stop growing. So humble yourself and remember even experts make mistakes.